Mediation Services In The Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro And Outstate Minnesota

E&U attorneys Sheila Engelmeier and Ivory Umanah serve as Rule 114 Qualified Neutral Mediators for disputes.

"Sheila [Engelmeier] mediated a difficult retaliatory discharge case (federal and ND law) for my client and the opposing party... She is highly intelligent and skilled in mediating. She has a down-to-earth style and knows which buttons to push and whenthat's a gift!" — Jeff Weintraub, Regional Managing Partner, Fischer & Phillips, LLP

Mediation As A Method For Effective Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a very powerful tool because it allows people to resolve their disputes creatively on their own, without being directed by a judge or jury. Essentially, it empowers the participants with a significant amount of control over the outcome.

In order to achieve the best outcome in mediation, it is important to have an experienced and creative mediator.

Others have described the E&U approach to mediation as creative, persistent, insightful and flexible. We draw on our extensive legal knowledge, common sense, business savvy, persistence and humor to help clients settle cases outside of court.

What is mediation? Mediation is essentially negotiation, but it is facilitated by a neutral third party. The third party does not make decisions, but instead guides both parties through the negotiation process and helps them find common ground. The parties most often have their own lawyers advising them throughout the process. Resolutions that emerge in mediation often are more meaningful than those achieved in court.

While mediation is not appropriate in all situations, with the help of a skilled mediator it can often be very effective, even for those clients who are having problems communicating. Sheila and Ivory take pride in empowering opposing parties to reach agreements cooperatively through mediation when facing:

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