Estate Planning

Many estate planning attorneys take a "one-size-fits-all" approach with their clients. The problem with that approach is that each client is different and what works for one may not be advisable for another.  At Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A., we believe in a personalized, client-focused approach to estate planning for each and every client. Our approach is educational and proactive — we first determine each client's individual needs, desires and values, and then tailor their plan to best fulfill their wishes.

We represent families throughout varying stages of life. Some of the categories of families include:

  • Traditional two-parent families with or without children
  • Nontraditional families with or without children
  • Single persons with or without children
  • Families with special needs
  • High net worth families
  • Couples contemplating marriage
  • Cohabitating couples

Traditional Two-Parent Families With Or Without Children

The needs of families with children do sometimes differ from those without children, and your estate plan should reflect those needs. We work with you to design plans to protect your minor children and your adult children from the issues that arise with inheriting money.

Nontraditional Families With Or Without Children

Blended families and same-sex parent families need to be especially careful when making decisions about their assets and their children. The law is fluid in this area depending on your state of residence. We are experienced at addressing the needs of same-sex parents or other blended family types.

Single Persons With Or Without Children

Children of single parents are particularly likely to be exposed to the daunting court process if the parent dies without an adequate plan in place. We want to work with you to get, at a minimum, a base plan in place for your assets and a protection plan for your minor children.

Families With Special Needs

Families with special needs children may need their plan to address the need to access government benefits for their special needs children. Experience and knowledge in special needs planning is critical. We are experienced in designing plans to address special needs challenges.

High Net Worth Families

For those fortunate enough to be in the high net worth category, we at Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A., are knowledgeable in the advanced planning that is often necessary to protect and transfer assets of high net worth families to the next generation in various tax-effective ways.

Couples Contemplating Marriage

For those who are either solidifying their relationships through proper planning or dissolving their relationships with the assistance of caring counsel, we are able to work with you on antenuptial agreements, commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements.

Cohabitating Couples

Sometimes couples just prefer to live together without the desire for marriage. We can work with you to set the rules of the road so that living together continues to be a joyful and secure arrangement.