Skilled Probate And Estate Administration Counsel In Minneapolis Metro And Outstate Minnesota

When someone passes away in Minnesota, his or her estate typically must go through the legal process of probate or estate administration. This generally involves identifying and gathering all assets, paying taxes and expenses, and, finally, distributing the assets.

If your loved one created a well-drafted trust before passing away, the estate will not go through probate court. However, the successor trustee must still administer the distribution of assets.

Whether you are a beneficiary, a trustee or a personal representative of an estate, the legal professionals at Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A., can help you through each step of the legal process. We can guide you through probate or work with you in administering an estate or trust. From our law offices in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, we represent clients in the Twin Cities and outstate Minnesota.

A Compassionate And Thorough Approach To Estate Administration

Our legal professionals have practiced estate and probate law for many years. We skillfully represent grieving individuals and families as well as professional fiduciaries, ensuring they meet their legal obligations and avoid negative consequences.

We are well-aware that estate administration and probate are never easy on those who are mourning a loss. There may be no worse time to deal with a legal maze and complicated tax and financial concerns, but it must be done. The E&U professionals are proud to offer compassionate and respectful legal guidance to our estate administration clients. Our attorneys will treat you with empathy while protecting your legal rights and interests at this challenging time.

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