Minnesota’s Wage Theft Law Takes Effect July 1, 2019!

By Tom Marshall July 1, 2019

E&U reminds all employers and employees that Minnesota's new wage theft law takes effect on July 1.[1] This new law protects employees by ensuring they will be paid for work performed and provides civil and criminal sanctions to employers who fail to meet the law's requirements.

The law places additional obligations on employers, including specific record-keeping requirements. For example, all new hires must receive a formal notice of their wage rate, benefits, status, deductions, paydays as well as specific information about the employer. The employee must sign this notice and can also request it be in another language besides English. Existing employees must be provided a written notice of any changes to their wages, etc., and also sign them. The obligations for employers and employees can be found in guidances prepared by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry and can be found here:

https://www.dli.mn.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/wage_theft_summary_employees.pdf https://www.dli.mn.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/wage_theft_summary_employers.pdf

The text of the new law may be found here:


If you have any questions about Minnesota's new wage theft law and your compliance with it, please contact one of the legal professionals at E&U.

[1] The criminal sanctions part of the law takes effect on August 1.