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Estate Planning

At Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A., we believe in a personalized, integrated, client-focused approach to estate planning for each and every client. Our approach is educational and proactive — we first determine each client’s individual needs, desires and values, and then tailor their plan to best fulfill their wishes.

Representative categories of estate planning include the following:

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Elder care
  • Retirement Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreement

Wills and Trusts

We recognize that each client’s situations requires thoughtful solutions designed just for the client. No one size fits all. Accordingly, we will help you craft a plan that satisfies your unique objective. A plan can range from a simple will to the more sophisticated estate plans utilizing trusts and other types of entities.

Advanced Estate Planning

We are experienced at working with high net worth clients in structuring more sophisticated estate plans utilizing trusts, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and other forms or asset protection techniques.

Elder Care

We can assist in a variety of ways with planning for the care of your elderly loved one, from determining eligibility for various government programs to planning for long term care .

Retirement Planning

Whether you are retired or contemplating retirement, we can assist in the proper planning for retirement benefits to minimize the income tax effects of various distribution options.

Charitable Planning

Whether it is analyzing the tax effects of a proposed outright charitable gifts or utilizing charitable trusts or private foundations, we can advise and help structure a charitable mechanism appropriate for your circumstance.

Prenuptial Agreements

For those who are either solidifying their relationships through proper planning or dissolving their relationships with the assistance of counsel, we understand that it may be necessary to take steps to protect your interests in assets acquired before a contemplated marriage. We are able to work with you on antenuptial agreements, commonly referred to as prenuptial agreements.

Cohabitation Agreements

Sometimes couples just prefer to live together without the desire for marriage. We can work with you to set the rules of the road so that living together continues to be a joyful and secure arrangement.

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