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Engelmeier & Umanah

Minneapolis Office
121 South Eighth Street
Suite 1300
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: 612-455-7720
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St. Cloud Office
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St. Cloud, MN 56303

Phone: 320-230-0375
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Probate, Estate & Trust Litigation

Sometimes even the best plan may later be challenged either by aggrieved family members or the federal or state taxing authorities. We offer skillful representation to clients in Minneapolis and outstate Minnesota who face a variety of legal problems during the trust or estate administration process, including:
  • Will contests
  • Trust petitions
  • Tax disputes
  • Various forms of fiduciary claims litigation

The E&U professionals know how to fight to protect our clients, whether they are personal or corporate fiduciaries, beneficiaries, personal representatives or third parties.

We are also very sensitive to the fact that probate and trust disputes tend to involve much more than money. These legal issues are often rooted in challenging family dynamics. Mishandling a dispute can have a significant emotional and financial cost.

We are committed to finding creative solutions to help our clients solve estate and trust disputes while preserving family relationships as much as possible. Depending on the specifics of your case, this may involve alternative dispute resolution services like negotiation or mediation. Should litigation become necessary, we are prepared to work vigorously to protect your interests in court.

If you are facing estate or probate litigation of any form, as your law firm we will strive to resolve the dispute in a way that protects your personal, family, business, financial and tax priorities.

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If you are facing an estate settlement dispute, it is important that you talk to a lawyer to ensure you understand your options. To talk to us about your concerns privately, please contact us or call 612-455-7720 to reach our Minneapolis office or 320-230-0375 to reach our St. Cloud office.

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