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What Our Clients Say

Tiffany –

Just want to once again tell you how grateful I am for your help with figuring out what to do about my termination with my former employer. It was a painful time but you helped me understand that sometimes the stronger one does walk away!

 Very Grateful,

Mindy B.


I just wanted to send a short note thanking you and April for all your help throughout the hearing process.  I’m grateful that you took time to come down to a small town in the middle of nowhere to help us through the hearing and everything leading up to it.  Although, I wish it was under different circumstances, it was great to meet you in person, you are one of the most impressive, nicest, individuals I have ever met and I’m glad you were representing us.  I wish you and April the best in everything you do.  Thanks again for all your help.

Best Regards,

 Ryan R.

“I don’t know how to thank you & your team for all of your hard work and dedication in resolving this unique situation.”

-Jackie S., Client of Ivory S. Umanah

“I had the pleasure of working with Charlie Firth. He was referred to me by a friend who had recently used his services and also had a great experience. I cannot say enough good things about him and my experience working with him. In my first introductory call with Charlie I instantly felt comfortable. Due to COVID and the stay at home order I never had a chance to meet Charlie in person, but this did not impact our working relationships or the job he did for me in anyway. He was incredibly attentive, did a great job keeping me in the loop of the process, he was a great listener when I just needed to vent about the situation, and I appreciated he was always so calm and confident. He really listened to the needs I expressed to him from day one and he never let me down. I highly recommend Charlie Firth should you ever require the type of legal services he offers.”

-Tina Volpe

“Dear Ms. Engelmeier, Ms. Peterson, and Mr. Marshall,
While my formal thank you note makes its way to you in the mail, I wanted to email you this note. There is little I can say to express my gratitude for what you did for me — please know I feel deeply indebted to you. Thank you so much.

I know this doesn’t end here but I’m very hopeful and I can breathe easy. While I cannot tell you what your generosity, support, and expertise meant for me and my family, I can tell you that I have finally felt like myself the last two days — after what seemed like a very long and a very lonely time. I’ve been connecting with people I care about since Thursday and catching up on what I have missed. You’ve given me my life back.

I hope you are having wonderful weekends with your family and friends as you’ve allowed me to be able to do with mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

-A Grateful Client

” Thank you for your time and patience today. I appreciated it. As I said, I was simply grateful some listened to my concerns.”

-A Potential New Client

“Over the years, I’ve worked with dozens of attorneys including general counsels and in New York. My involvement with Engelmeier & Umanah spans employee/employer disputes, trustee issues, and family conflicts. Sheila Engelmeier, Ivory Umanah, and their team (including Heather Tabery, and Cynthia G.) are as good as it gets. Seven expressions come to mind: a) penetrating on discovery, b) careful with relevancy, c) thoughtful on strategy, d) razor-sharp tactically, e) thorough with presentation, f) successful in results, and g) sensitive as people. I wouldn’t have offered to write this testimonial if I wasn’t completely confident in the abilities of Engelmeier & Umanah.”

-Henry Miles

“I have had the opportunity to work with Engelmeier & Umanah for several years. My work, prior to my retirement, involved managing and rescuing small businesses across the globe. I came in contact with Sheila and her team, Ivory, Sue and Tom, when I was working on promoting international business contacts with Minnesota. Sheila had her team were responsive, direct and honest in a field where, unfortunately, such qualities are sometimes absent. When an issue fell outside their areas of experience, they put me in contact with someone reliable who could help me. Even for personal issues, they were willing to lend a helpful ear. I strongly recommend them.”

-Terje Mikalsen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Venturos AS

“When I experienced unfair treatment at work, I needed expert advice on gender discrimination issues. Sheila Engelmeier came highly recommended. I found Sheila and her team of Sue Fischer, Tom Marshall, and later Colin Thomsen, as well as their support staff, to be an excellent team for my situation. They accepted my case and carefully guided me through each step, helping me understand the process, choices and the risks as well as rewards involved in each strategy decision. Litigation is tedious and taxing, but it helps to have a legal team who knows the ropes, will tackle tough situations and are passionate about their profession. Ultimately we were successful. I also learned that their experience is broader than just helping employees with discrimination litigation. They also counsel employers and help them meet legal requirements. In my role as a partner in a small company consulting other businesses and board member for several institutions, I have referred organizations and executives to Engelmeier & Umanah to help with their employment, estate planning and other business needs. It is without reservation that I strongly recommend Engelmeier & Umanah.”

-Ellen Ewald, Partner at Tysvar, LLC

“Ivory patiently answered all our questions thoroughly and clearly. He then asked questions, listened and was able to set up all of our legal documents. Ivory was very professional, friendly and welcoming.”

-Estate Planning Client

“Sheila Engelmeier and Charlie Firth helped me navigate a very complex employment matter. The case was multi-faceted and thorny at best. They took on the challenge with enthusiasm and quickly digested all of the legal and factual nuances. Each brought a complimentary skill set to the table and their team approach worked well for the case. The situation was eventually resolved in a win-win fashion mostly due to the hard work, tenacity, legal knowledge and negotiation skills of this team. Probably more importantly, however, was their ability to be supportive through the many emotional ups and down of the journey, all while staying focused on the target. I can think of no better advocate than this team for any employment matters.”

-Health Care Executive

“I recommend and have high praise for the Engelmeier & Umanah, PA Law firm. Everyone from the receptionist to the legal assistants to the paralegals and lawyers are both professional and generous with their support of the client. I have known the firm and its leaders for many years. I have used their professional services multiple times and have always been pleased with the work performed and the friendship established. Most importantly, they are smart, fee conscious towards the client and care deeply about people and outcomes. Keep up the great work!”

-William Henneman, Operational and Financial executive

“You are never prepared for a legal crisis. As a non-profit organization that had operated without conflict for over 50 years, we did not think the need for legal representation would come our way. Unfortunately, it did. We cannot express how thankful we are for the legal representation we received from the firm Engelmeier and Umanah.

Our case required immediate and intense focus. Sheila Engelmeier took our call, understood the complicated aspects of our case, and responded immediately by putting together a team of lawyers to work on our behalf. This firm has dedicated talented attorneys that work together in an impressive way.

It sounds cliché, but they truly care about the clients they serve literally night and day, and yes, weekends too. Our outcome depended on this focus. Sheila Engelmeier, Tom Marshall and Sue Fischer did an outstanding job.

It is with great gratitude and thanks that the Board of Directors for Lowell Lundstrom Ministries/ Celebration Church recommends and endorses the firm of Engelmeier and Umanah.”

-To the E&U Law Team

“I want to thank the entire E&U team (Sheila, Jacqueline, April and Sheryl in particular) for assisting our family over the past year. Your professionalism, responsiveness and overall legal knowledge has proven to be a tremendous component of our recent success while dealing with a significant insurance hurdle with a major Minnesota carrier. I know that with a quick deadline in place, Jacqueline and Sheryl worked tirelessly on this project and were available 24/7 to strategically review each step and component of the final documentation. Even though Jacqueline was our main connection, we always felt like the entire team was at the ready and that collectively, E&U “had our backs” as we fought and ultimately overturned significant insurance denials. It was comforting to know that your firm was so well-versed in the intricate and rapidly changing details of healthcare and employment law.

Thank you so much for your ongoing assistance with our family. The E&U team has always been available for numerous questions regarding employment law, as I was originally referred to you for this area of your expertise. However, the strong work that you (all) have provided surrounding our ongoing health insurance challenges has been superb. Thank you very much!”

– Joel Chechik, Medical Device Executive

“Sue Fischer is a brilliant lawyer who listens to her clients, and advises them accordingly. She is prompt at getting back to clients when they have questions. Sue delivers powerful and amazing closing statements when advocating for her clients. She is calm yet firm when arguing or stating her facts. I have had 100% positive turnouts with several cases over 18 years of working with Sue. I put my complete trust in Sue when it comes to issues facing the early childhood education industry and employment law. She is the best of the best.

I wholeheartedly recommend this experienced attorney for any legal matters.”

– Udi Perera, Administrator, Miniapple International Montessori Schools

“When my colleague and I were having a difficult time at work, we reached out to Sheila and her team. What we found was a dogged advocate for our position, but also a savvy pragmatic approach to our matter. As important as the advocacy, and what I didn’t expect, was that Sheila and her team provided a balanced perspective, reminding us what the issues looked like from the other side of the fence. They were focused not only on litigation and the “money” that could be recovered as a result of the challenges we faced, but also on our long term success in business and how our current challenges fit into the larger picture of our lives. That focus served us well. We were able to find closure in a reasonable way to the challenges we faced, without completely upending our lives and careers.”

– Janee Harteau, former Minneapolis Chief of Police

“I heartily recommend , Sue Fischer & the entire firm of Engelmeier & Umanah, PA! For over a decade I worked as a top producer in an environment that was tremendously stressful. In 2010 I became ill and unable to function at my full capacity. After two years of successfully managing the situation, the work environment changed again and my accommodation was threatened. I met with Sue Fischer and found professional, supportive and reasonable legal help. They were very good at listening, crystal clear in helping me understand my options, extremely timely in response to any questions, concerns or information I raised. I got out of a no-win situation as a winner! Their fees were more than worth it for me. AND I have regained my health, self esteem & sense of humor – all of which are priceless.”

– Elizabeth Marvin, JD

“Charlie (and Sue):

With all the time and trust you have put in me, you deserve more than you could ask for in attorneys’ fees. I have been so fortunate to have found my way to ALL of you. Make sure to let Sheila know I appreciate what she started and continued to let happen for me. Her belief in me was what really got this started. I know a lot of time was spent on getting this ready and there was a lot of work from everybody on the team. Please make sure everyone gets a THANK YOU from me. Just think, I needed an attorney and in the end I get three!!!! How lucky can I be?

Some may think I was passed from Sheila to Sue, and then to Charlie. But if they only knew, my friends just became more as we went. I believe that once you became part of my case, you never got to leave! Sue–you came on and believed in me from the start. You were always making me feel comfortable and trusted. We spent a lot of time together fighting this before Charlie came. And I needed you at trial and you were right there. I was told you were going to be there before I could even ask. Having you with us at trial really helped me to stay relaxed and I felt you deserved to be there, too. I really am thankful for your efforts and your friendship. Charlie, you have such a talent. You know this case inside out. You are so organized and on the top of your game. My stress level for this trial was less than I expected. When you have great attorneys that are willing to take the stress for you, things go better than you expect. It just shows how good the attorneys are when the client feels pretty calm. With Charlie and Sue on my team, how could I lose?

I know I could go on forever about the greatest, most caring attorneys there are. To everyone else who needs a lawyer I say this: “Good luck trying to find any better lawyers, anywhere.”

Sue, Charlie, Sheila and the rest of the team: Thank you for making my day!! Oh wait-I should say thanks for making my last four years!!!”

– Helen Broten, Client

“I am the Director, Employment Law at Nuance Communications, Inc., located in Burlington, MA. We referred a candidate to Engelmeier Umanah, P.A. and he worked with the firm to negotiate a resolution to post-employment restrictive covenants that allowed the candidate to come to work for Nuance. The candidate was extremely impressed with the firm’s talent, practical approach to the matter, negotiation ability, and knowledge of the law. Nuance was extremely pleased with the result and confident in its referral. We wouldn’t hesitate to refer another case to Engelmeier Umanah, P.A.

In addition, Tom is a brilliant attorney, and a phenomenal trial attorney. He not only knows the law, but he is able to quickly analyze the facts of each situation and pull the law applicable to it. On a personal note, he is a great mentor, friend and teacher. I miss working with Tom and encourage all who have the opportunity to do so to take advantage of it.”

– Nancy A. Newark, Employment Law Director, Nuance Communications, Inc.

“It was my sincere pleasure to retain Tom to handle a highly technical and overall-challenging employment matter on behalf of our Bank. Not only did he make sense of the myriad facts and circumstances in no time flat, but he provided leadership and pragmatic advice to both me and our executive management team. Ultimately, as a direct result of Tom’s efforts, the matter was concluded in an appropriate and fair manner. I would not hesitate to work with Tom again – he’s a terrific lawyer and fun to have around.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

– Jodie Paoletti, In-House Counsel

“Tom is a dynamite employment law attorney and a force to be reckoned with for his clients!”

– Lisa Edison-Smith, Vogel Law Firm

“Sheila was my employment attorney for over ten years while I was employed at Kroll Ontrack, for many years as the leader of the HR function for a variety of business units. She was our company’s legal advisor, my mentor and over the years became a close friend. Sheila is an extremely honest, talented, confident attorney who has fascinated me with her depth of knowledge. She understood our company, the issues, and the various personalities with whom she had to interact within the organization; she was able to effectively educate various constituencies within our organization on the proper course of action. She challenged me and allowed me to challenge her. She was a truly great person to have on our side! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

– Jennifer Schultz, Human Resources Director at Versique

“Sheila is an outstanding and committed attorney. She is extremely sharp, creative and thoughtful. I highly recommend her to both individuals and businesses to address a variety of employment related issues.”

– Kimberly Hewitt, Former Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action, University of Minnesota

“If you find yourself in a position where you need employment advice or as I did, without a job through no fault of your own, I can’t recommend highly enough Sheila Engelmeier and Engelmeier & Umanah. Sheila, Lisa and the rest of the E&U team are smart, driven, tireless advocates, dedicated to securing as positive an outcome as possible on your behalf. They went above and beyond for me and I simply cannot thank them enough.”

– Kathy Meyer

“Sheila and Lisa,

Just a note of “thanks” for all your help, support and caring during my difficult time. I am fortunate things turned out in my favor, but it was nice to know I had you both in my corner fighting for me no matter what happened! I appreciate more than you will ever know, all the kindness, concern and compassion I was shown from Engelmeier & Umanah. Sheila and Lisa, you are truly amazing people! Thank you for everything!”

– Cindy, Client

“Tom and I have worked as adversaries in a couple of employment law cases. Tom was a very good advocate for his client all the while being extremely reasonable, professional and enjoyable to deal with, even on contentious matters. I would not hesitate to refer matters to Tom.”

– Howard Bolter, Attorney

“Tom advised one of my clients on a very sensitive employee termination – his attention to detail and knowledge of potential future issues helped my client immensely. Ultimately my client was protected with a comprehensive termination agreement.”

– Charisse Letourneau, Human Resources Consultant

“I became acquainted with Sheila Engelmeier and Sue Fischer when they were with Rider Bennett and my firm was looking for a firm to represent us with employment matters. Sheila & Sue introduced us to “Respect Effect” and provided training to ALARIS owners and managers. Sheila also provided training for me and my staff so that we could provide “Respect Effect” training to the rest of our staff. The quality of the training materials is impressive and Sheila’s ability to effectively teach us gave us confidence to pass on the material to our employees.

I have had the privilege of working with Sheila Engelmeier, Sue Fischer, Ivory Umanah, Charles Firth, and their support team. Without exception, they deliver outstanding, responsive service and they do not disappoint.

Besides having a wealth of information and knowledge, as well as incredible energy and personality, Sheila is as tenacious as a bulldog! I am totally confident that she protects our interests. She is a shrewd negotiator as well as a kind and patient teacher. She has instructed our team leaders demonstrating gifted teaching skills, vast knowledge and palpable passion for her area of expertise. She has given me greater confidence as a business leader and an officer in charge of the Human Resources function at ALARIS.

Sue Fischer is a great listener and an excellent communicator. She is a very effective writer and I depend on her to give me the guidance and direction I need to handle difficult personnel issues. She is also a talented speaker who represented ALARIS when she presented “Dealing with Difficult Employees before they become Problems” for a statewide workers’ compensation conference. Sue routinely reviews our Policies & Procedures and recommends changes and updates. Sue is reasonable but tough and she puts me at ease when we are dealing with complicated employment issues.

Charles Firth is my newest acquaintance, but he has fielded complicated questions and has been responsive at every turn. He recently represented ALARIS in a litigation matter and he was able to reach an amicable resolution in a hard-fought battle and thus avoid trial. I will have no hesitation in consulting with him again. Several times he has been able to jump into the middle of an ongoing issue and give me immediate answers and/or assurance.

The lawyers at E&U have ably assisted ALARIS in a variety of challenging employment law issues in all of the states in which we operate. I like the consistency of working with the same lawyers on matters both inside and outside of Minnesota. In addition, E&U has provided sage advice and counsel on matters arising relating to the ALARIS shareholders.

Because of my confidence in the entire group, I was very comfortable contacting Ivory Umanah to assist me with my personal will and to discuss terms of my estate. He provided skilled guidance and was able to effectively communicate so that I could clearly understand the ramifications of my decisions. I have absolute confidence in his recommendations.

I have recommended E&U numerous times and will continue to recommend them in the future.”

– Cheryl Sanmartin, Co-Owner & Co-Founder, The ALARIS Group, Inc.

“I know Tom well and have worked with him on a number of cases where we represented different parties and have found Tom to be a brilliant, honest and hard-working lawyer. Tom is a pleasure to deal with both because he understands how to wade through the complexities of the issues and because you can trust that his ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and his ‘no’ means ‘no’. Tom has also been a tremendous supporter of and a hard working leader of the Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association and their legislative efforts particularly on behalf of employers.”

– Michael D. Carr, Attorney

Thank you so much for taking that “Leap of Faith” and becoming not only my attorney but advisor and friend. Thank you for your helpful, thoughtful and strong sense of dedication. Thank you for being focused and patient with me. Really there are no words to say thank you for guiding me through a forest of thorns and thick bushes.”

– Mary Younes

“I hired Sheila in 2008 and continuing. E&U represents our medical practice on issues relating to employment and corporate matters. Their excellent legal counsel and no-nonsense approach are just some of the qualities we value about them. Their legal skills and knowledge in the employment sector are second-to-none as evidenced by the respect given to them within the legal community. When we present them with a legal issue confronting us, E&U does a great job of listening to our needs, sorting out the issues, explaining our options, and executing the plan in an efficient and professional manner. We initially retained Sheila to represent us on a single legal matter. However, we have been so impressed with E&U that we have worked with E&U as our corporate counsel and now go to them anytime we need advice relating to the business/legal side of running a medical practice. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.”

– Dr. Jacqueline Luong, Plastic Surgeon and Managing Director at Midwest Plastic Surgery

“I have worked with Sheila for more than a decade, most recently at Engelmeier & Umanah, P.A. Sheila is my go-to lawyer for any client, family member or friend with an employment law issue. She is smart, savvy, organized, client-focused, and has the uncanny ability to look at a legal issue from every angle to uncover the true root of a client’s problem. She is extremely creative and uses that skill to benefit her clients by developing unique new approaches and nontraditional strategies. While Sheila is an exceptional trial lawyer and will zealously advocate for her clients in court, her focus has always been on finding the RIGHT solution for her clients with a strong preference toward cost-effective solutions like mediation to help clients avoid costly litigation. I strongly, highly recommend and endorse Sheila Engelmeier.”

– Terrie Wheeler, MBC, Founder and President, Professional Services Marketing, Inc.

“I hired Sheila as an attorney in 2007 and I continue to work with her and others at Engelmeier & Umanah. I highly recommend Sheila for personal executive compensation counsel. I appreciate her attentiveness to listening to needs, interpreting them within the context of the contractual situation and supporting them as your strongest advocate. Her no-nonsense approach and direct communication style used to get to the core of the issue and focus on what is important is exactly what busy executives need in their compensation lawyer. I feel like I’m Sheila’s only client when I work with her. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help me be successful, even staying up all night to negotiate a contract to final agreement. Her negotiation skills are extremely successful. I’ve seen her go toe-to-toe against the toughest white male attorney in Manhattan and come out the winner. In addition to being a great attorney, Sheila is a caring individual who is easy to forge a friendship with. I can’t imagine working with any other compensation attorney. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative.”

– Karen Goetz, Executive Leader, Professional Advisor, and Corporate Director

“I hired Sheila as an attorney in 2006. Sheila is an experienced, creative and thorough attorney who offers excellent advice about strategy, has broad knowledge of options available, and uses her experience to the client’s advantage. I’ve personally recommended her to several colleagues and would do so again with no hesitation. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

– Patricia Boeckmann, Vice President of Operations and Chief Nurse Executive, Straub Clinic and Hospital

“I hired Sheila and her team at Engelmeier & Umanah in 2009. I first worked with Sheila in 2009 on a major case after she came highly recommended by multiple references. Based on my experience, she is absolutely the best employment law attorney I’ve worked with in my thirty-year career. She is extremely knowledgeable, always well-prepared, gives excellent advice and direction and obtained the result we were seeking. I give her my highest recommendation. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

– Mark Summers, CEO at ThreeWire, Inc.

“I hired Sheila as an attorney/trainer in 2008. Sheila takes the time to get to know the culture of the organization in which she is conducting training and customizes the content for the specific audience. Her style is down-to-earth and her real-life scenarios make for a very effective training experience. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”

– Sue Pearson, Director of Administration, Murnane Brandt

“I hired Sheila as an attorney in 2005, and hired Sheila more than once. Sheila and I have worked together on several employment matters and I have found Sheila to be very professional, with a great attention to detail in the process. Sheila’s approach to the situation has yielded great outcomes. I would highly recommend Sheila. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”

– Russell Berman, Executive Vice President at Hays Companies

“I hired Sheila and her team in 2005 and continue to consult with that team, when needed. Sheila Engelmeier knows the law, but more than that she knows how to apply the law to the unique dynamics and personalities of her clients and their issues to garner maximum results. She’s tough. She’s focused. She’s committed. Thank goodness she is also on my side. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time.”

– William Moyers, VP at Hazelden; Author at Hazelden Foundation
Nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate

“Sheila and her team have assisted my husband in navigating various work/business transitions and contract negotiations over the past many years. We worked primarily with Sheila, and April. However, since the team at E&U is very collaborative, we interfaced either directly or indirectly with just about everyone.

The family is greatly affected when workplace changes occur incident to business growth or when one part of the family is in transition. Sheila and her team all ways made me feel that my concerns, views and feelings were important and worthy of careful consideration. The team supported me and offered advice on how to optimally support my husband.

I highly recommend Sheila and the rest of the E&U team to other friends and family.”

– Shannon Burger, Founder, Lakeside Appraisal

“When I need help or advice, Sheila Engelmeier is the first attorney I turn to. She is very well-respected in this community and for good reason; she is smart, hard-working, and highly-principled. Quite simply, when Sheila Engelmeier and the E&U team “have your back,” you know you have the best advocates possible.

I also refer clients to both Sheila Engelmeier and Ivory “Sunny” Umanah in their respective practice areas. I have complete confidence in the high quality of their work and that of the other attorneys at Engelmeier & Umanah.

In addition, Engelmeier & Umanah has a uniformly excellent staff. In particular, is one of the best paralegals I have ever worked with; she is thorough, responsive, and knowledgeable about both the law and the facts of a case. Moreover, brings to her work the additional gift of caring deeply about her clients. One has the feeling that she works so hard — not because it is her job — but because it is her passion.”

– Teresa Patton, Esq., Teresa Patton Law, P.A.

“We were referred to Engelmeier & Umanah by a Human Resources Director who advised us that we would rather have this law firm sitting on our side of the table rather than on the other side of the table in our labor dispute and she was right!

Sue Fischer is energetic, smart, focused, meticulously prepared, polite and confident with a firm command of the facts and process.

We have excellent communication with all our contacts within the firm. They respond quickly, respect deadlines and are considerate of cost and time constraints.

We are pleased with our results and highly satisfied with the relationship.”

– Nancy Turner, Co-Owner, AXIS, Inc., St. Paul, MN

“At a time when my employment security had been unexpectedly shaken to its core, I found reassurance in the legal representation of Charlie Firth. Charlie was always responsive to my needs as a client and gave me sensible expert legal advice as he developed a customized strategy for my situation. Although it was a difficult time, in the end I was satisfied with the final resolution of my case. Thanks Charlie, keep up the good work.”

– Financial Executive

“Sunny, a world of thanks to you! Your kindness has lightened my load during a difficult time and is very much appreciated.”

– Kay Wilcox, Estate Planning Client

“I hired Sheila Engelmeier at the strong recommendation of a respected attorney and friend, who said that she was tough as nails and smart as a whip. I assumed that those descriptions were just the standard things that you say when you recommend an employment lawyer, but in fact they turned out to be more than the truth. The work that we did together started out as a cursory review of an executive compensation contract, but evolved into a much more complex and protracted experience, and I was fortunate to have Sheila by my side for all of it. Her depth of knowledge, her breadth of expertise, and most importantly, her force of will made her the perfect partner and advocate. She knew just when to push back and when to bide her time — a skill that was critical in a process that was as emotional and as demanding as the one that we were in. She navigated through it with skill and confidence. Her staff was equally professional and dedicated, and there were many times when I saw them go above and beyond the call of normal commitment to meet deadlines. I would strongly recommend Engelmeier and Umanah for any executive transition or contract negotiation needs.”

– Laura Liu, Former Airline Executive

“Sheila is a woman with tremendous energy, intellect, savvy, experience and heart. If you find yourself or your business in a challenging position, Sheila and her team are the legal equivalent of your personal special forces team who takes your interests personally. Finally, although no professional can win every time, especially those who take on the toughest cases, in high stakes personal or business matters, Sheila’s team is a great bet.”

– Jim Earley, Founder, Trailblazer Coaching

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom several times throughout my career. Each time Tom provided a very high level of expertise and service. When working with Tom, you felt he was part of your team. He puts his clients’ needs first and delivers exceptional results. Moreover, he is also a trusted advisor in addition to being a great business partner.” Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

– Kipp Sassaman, HR Executive

“During my tenure as Director of Human Resources at a local business, I consulted almost exclusively with Tom as our employment attorney. He provided clear, prompt and direct guidance during a number of high risk claims, including one scenario that extended out over a two year period and involved the EEOC, St. Paul Dept. of Human Rights and ultimately a lawsuit. Tom coached me as I managed the process and led me competently through a deposition. He was ultimately able to prevail for us with this claim and 99% of all others. Tom is the “gold standard” for expert, ethical and aggressive employer representation with proven results.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

– Julie Urell, Director of Human Resources

“The service was excellent. Ivory was professional and yet caring. He was also very prompt in responding to our needs.”

– Gerry Huerth, Client

“Becoming an Engelmeier & Umanah client is like joining their family. Ivory and Cindy’s thorough, mindful and well versed client approach builds a level of trust. You can be assured your representation by Engelmeier & Umanah is a complete experience with your best interests at heart. Engelmeier & Umanah takes care of its clients as if they are family.”

– Heather Odland

“I retained Sheila Engelmeier and her team after being unfairly treated by my employer. This was a stressful and confusing time for me and my family. , Sue Fischer and Sheila went above and beyond in representing me! They were strong advocates and explained the legal procedures and kept me fully informed during the long process. They were supportive both professionally and personally and worked tirelessly to help me through a very difficult situation. My case came to the attention of the media which was the last thing I wanted to encounter. Sheila handled the media with such strength and professionalism that it didn’t add to my already stressful situation. Through the diligent work of the E & U team, we reached a resolution. I could not have asked for a better team to represent my interests. I would recommend these strong and intelligent women to anyone needing any employment legal assistance.”

– Mary Manney

“Our agency has had the good fortune to work with Jacqueline and Sheryl as we sought legal counsel to begin our new business adventure. As we were unfamiliar with the legal requirements for starting a new business, we genuinely appreciated Jacqueline’s guidance and expertise. She took great time and care to help us understand our options and the legal requirements important for our business. Throughout our journey, Jacqueline and Sheryl have made themselves available to us in a timely manner for even the smallest question. Their ability to function as a team always leaves us knowing that we are in good hands.”

– Milestone Counseling, Inc.

“I am very pleased with the services provided by Engelmeier & Umanah. Ivory Umanah is very professional, knowledgeable, and an expert on estate planning. He is very detail-oriented and explains all aspects of estate planning in layman’s terms. Ivory always is willing to assist and acts with a sense of urgency if you call and or email him.I am forever grateful knowing that he helped me accomplish my estate planning goals and the peace of mind that comes with that.”

– Diane Arvidson

“After we recently married, we decided the best option for our family was to meet with an estate planning attorney. Ivory Umanah was recommended to us by another attorney. We found Ivory to be very pleasant and professional. He gave us all the information we needed and helped us anytime we had questions. Ivory guided us through the process without pressuring us to unnecessarily spend a lot of money.”

– Gene & Angie Howe

“I have had the firm of Engelmeier & Umanah help me with our business’s legal needs from representation in litigation to day-to-day inquiries on employment law information. I have always found the legal team at E&U to be understanding and always willing to take their time to explain things to me in a way I can understand. They know the law! It is always nice to know I have them a phone call away if I need them. I am planning to continue to use them again this year to work on several new business items. Dependable, timely, helpful and reasonably priced. Thanks for being part of my team!”

-Joyce Buckner, President, CBA, Inc.

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Photo of the legal professionals at Engelmeier & Umanah PA

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